Staircase Cladding

Just spoken to Haus about the falling of staircase cladding. A surveyor went to look at it yesterday (9th June), and we are currently waiting his report (hopefully today). The initial feeling from Haus is that it is just the cladding that has fallen rather than being a structural issue, but there was a piece of cracked brick work, so it was felt better to get a surveyor to look at it. Rest assured that Haus are on the case.



Order a free fibre-optic faceplate now

Hyperoptic – a fibre broadband company – are about to run fibre cabling to all flats in the building. This will be happening some time in June (exact date not yet confirmed).

Fibre cable offers a much faster broadband connection, as well as telephone – and soon TV. Ultimately fibre will replace old copper cabling for all telecommunications.

As part of the cabling operation Hyperoptic are offering to fit a ‘faceplate’ (a wall socket similar to the one for your phone) free of charge to any flat – whether you want to take up Hyperoptic broadband or not.

We would recommend you do this for several reasons:

  •  it will make your flat ‘fibre ready’ (whether you intend to use it immediately or not);
  •  it will cause less disruption in the long-term if this is all done in one go;
  •  ordering a faceplate later may cost as much as £240.

To repeat: faceplate fitting is free of charge and you are under no obligation to take any services from Hyperoptic – but you must order asap.

To take advantage of this offer just order online at before installation is complete (i.e. as soon as possible).

Simply enter your postcode, select your address and choose to order a ‘Hyperoptic Socket Only’. There is no need to enter payment details as there is no commitment to take a service. Hyperoptic will then contact you to arrange a time to install the faceplate.

You can also contact them by phone: 0333 332 1111 – or email:



As many of you will have noticed, contractors have started to remove the old railings, in preparation for the new ones being installed. They will need to dig up parts of the gardens, and will be using protecting fencing to stop people falling into the holes they will be digging for the foundations. We have asked Haus for a schedule of works that we can pass on to you once we have it. We anticipate it being a few weeks before works are finished.

The Railings are Landing!

Dear DH Residents,

Great News! The railing application has been approved by TH. We are now working with the contractor to organise a start date. It takes 12 weeks to manufacture, so we are looking at early summer for installation.

Amazing stuff!

The Board xx

Dunstan Houses Consultation – Improve our Lives!!!

Dear Dunstan Houses shareholder,

(For residents who are not shareholders, please read on to the end)

I hope you are all well.

Following on from this year’s AGM, it was decided that we should launch a consultation on how we would like to improve Dunstan Houses. In the initial stages, it is a case of the more ideas the merrier! Perhaps you have an idea for this part of DH, or perhaps there is a service that you think we need. How can we, as shareholders and residents, make our lives better?

This letter will be posted on the Dunstan Dwellers FaceBook group, as well as going on the website blog, and it will be sent round to every shareholder. We, the Board, ask that you post your ideas in the Dunstan Dwellers FaceBook group so that others can see and comment. For those of you who are not members, then perhaps we could ask you to join the group, so as to participate.

If you don’t use the internet, or wish to use the internet, then please feel free to pop a note in your nearest board member’s door, or knock and have a chat. You can also of course email us on Please also, engage people in the courtyard and talk to your neighbours about it!

We would like your thoughts and ideas on improvements of all sorts that could be made to the building and/or its external spaces. At this stage we do not have a budget. However, we did receive a clear steer from the shareholders at the AGM that this is something we should explore together. There were a number of funding options discussed at the meeting that we would need to explore and understand in much more detail.

So, what will this consultation look like?

– We all contribute to the Dunstan Dwellers FaceBook group and post our ideas, or comment on other people’s ideas.

– When we have a number of ideas, we will call a meeting in the courtyard, advertised well in advance, for all to discuss our ideas over a glass of wine or tea. This is likely to be in February 2016.

– At this point we will also solicit from you the way forward that you would like us, the Board, to take.

For residents of Dunstan Houses, we would encourage you to take part fully in the debate of ideas, however the final decision must legally rest with the shareholders. It is out intention that we are as inclusive as possible as we can be within the bounds of the legal requirements of Dunstan Houses Ltd.

Thanks very much. And we look forward to hearing all the great ideas!

With best wishes, and of the season,

The DH Board


Updated AGM time

Apologies – the Stafford Centre was not available when we thought it would be.

The new AGM is on 18th November at 1945.

Thanks and please pass the message!



AGM – 17th November 2015 – 1900

Dear Residents,

This year’s AGM will be held on the 17th November at 1900 at the Stifford Centre (,-0.0496575,18z/data=!4m6!1m3!3m2!1s0x48761d29dc0347a1:0xb57ef829916c83e0!2sStepney+Green!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0x49f1b2819c02cdba).

Please tell anyone that you see hanging around in case they don’t see this!

Thanks and see you there.